5 trends with award ceremonies

5 trends with award ceremonies

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In-person awards ceremonies are back in action and we've certainly enjoyed celebrating face to face again! What's even more spectacular is that event planners aren't dropping live streaming anytime soon with virtual venue software allowing additional guests and team members to celebrate from home. All trends are focused on providing the ultimate guest experience.

Now that award ceremonies have returned to their physical formats with the added virtual streaming ability. What's new? Has anything changed? We've identified the top five trends in the awards industry that look like they're going to stick!

1. Live stream

First up, live streaming and virtual venues are here to stay. The industry is thoroughly enjoying celebrating in person again but there are benefits of live streaming and virtual venues that are sticking. Allowing additional attendees to watch the celebrations and network online provides bigger exposure, more attendees, choice and inclusion. Digital events allow the attendee to stream content from the comfort of their homes fitting around their work and home life. It makes sense that people want to consume events in their own time, a lot of people don't want to take time out of work or have to make plans to rearrange personal commitments to travel for a physical event that can be easily enjoyed online. Adding a digital choice to attend allows those who live far away to attend virtually without having to go through unnecessary travel if they don't wish to.

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2. Invest in creative trophies

How has the shift to digital and remote working affected how event planners are investing in trophies? Bit of an odd one but yes digital has affected the size and demand for more creative trophy ideas. Event planners are now investing in bigger, flashier and original-looking trophies. There has been a massive shift in workforces now permanently working from home, and the majority of internal and external business meetings are now held online. Sales and marketing professionals have identified marketing opportunities by displaying company branding in their home offices. With the majority of business meetings being held online, this provides an excellent opportunity to display awards and certificates in the background. Businesses who win awards are now spending huge amounts of money on copies of their trophies so that multiple members of remote workers can proudly display these in the background when on video calls. The bigger and better the trophy, the more likely businesses are likely to purchase more to send to staff to display. More unique and impressive trophies are going to look better in photos and are more likely to help you stand out on social media.

3. Peoples choice awards

Another fast-growing trend to increase engagement is people's choice awards. Event organisers are now using virtual venues and digital event software to hold live polling during the awards ceremony. Alongside a panel of credited industry judges, event organisers are adding people's choice awards to their awards programmes. For the best results in getting people to vote during the ceremony make sure you advertise this in advance, tell your audience what you're doing beforehand so they are more likely to participate during the event. Ending on a people's choice is an exciting twist to the event and makes your guests feel like they are a part of the event.

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4. keep it moving

Don't forget about your digital audience! A lesson learnt in the pivot to digital events is to not neglect the digital experience. Award ceremonies that succeeded in adopting digital events had short acceptance speeches and kept the programme moving quickly. Where there were large production breaks event organisers ensured they filled these long gaps with interesting and engaging content. Evessio's digital awards room allows guests to switch from the live stream ceremony to viewing other content and networking with other digital attendees via video or chat so as not to get bored. With an in-person event, during breaks attendees are eating dinner or catching up with other attendees to fill the gaps. Don't forget about your digital attendees, if they get bored they'll sign out and do something else, forgetting to log back in.

Even with in-person events, it's easy to think guests are interested in long-winded award speeches but they're not. You want your event photos filled with people smiling, cheering and engaging with each other, not heads down looking at their phones because they're bored. Many awards invest in comedians and popular TV presenters to keep people engaged and then have sponsors present the awards to the winners. If your awards ceremony is purely hosted and run online, short videos in between transitions are also a great way to keep people engaged and talking. Before the awards ceremony, many event organisers are asking those shortlisted to provide a short pre-recorded clip of the team celebrating which would be played if they were to win. These are often really creative and fun and can be used in highlight videos.

5. Close with a memorable takeaway

The end of the ceremony can be an opportunity to leave a real memorable experience that will stay with them. Is there a key message you want your guests to take away? You want your audience to have a great time but ultimately take a positive, memorable piece of the ceremony with them. Playing a short video highlighting your team's corporate and social responsibility is a great way to get your audience to notice your initiatives. Including a short video that covers your team's achievements and contributions is a great way to leave a positive memory of your organisation.

Digital solutions and creative tangible experiences continue to lead the latest trends with awards ceremonies. Providing guests with the option to celebrate online, utilising digital software to engage attendees, adding people's choice awards, programmes that move quickly, creative trophies and leaving your audience with a memorable takeaway are all trends that provide the ultimate attendee experience.

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